It’s been called the City of Light, due to its illumination with oil lamps on the roadways, in 1828. The city is divided by Sequana, a river worth crossing, when you find your way to Paris. Paris is associated with elegance, aesthetics and fashion. Do your parisian shopping at Champs-Élysées, find yourself roaming in the Eiffel Tower, ford Sequana river in little tourist boats, visit Notre Dame and Place de la Concorde, and of course The Louvre, the museum of all museums! There’s a million things to see in Paris, all you need to have is love for sightseeing.
As of the Disney lovers of any age, Disneyland is the place to be for endless strolls amongst all our favourite cartoon heroes. All you’re going to need when you pass the gates is a good mood and probably good stamina! We guarantee you’re return with memories that will be unforgettable…ragardless of your age!